Tired of poor quality cables? Metal cable is what you need.

Do you face the trouble of charging your phone? You are not the only one to face this problem. In today’s life, everyone is surrounded by millions of smart devices. We use them for our ease but it all goes to waste when we cannot charge them. The major reason behind charging problems is the type of cable that we choose to charge our phones. Many of us have spent a lot of hard earned money looking for the right charging cord. But, unfortunately, we don’t have a pleasant experience so far. Metals are reliable and tough because they do not break or wear out easy. Have you ever imagined charging your smartphones with metal phone cables? If you never did, we have it all planned.

Our Freedom Charger is made of stainless steel that will bring all your charging troubles to an end. The steel cord that we offer you as a solution has a Zinc alloy charging head that does not break or lose its efficiency. What is so special about this cable? The Freedom Charger is made flexible for convenient charging. It is a tough cable that can be used anywhere and anytime. You don’t have to worry about fluctuating voltage at your place. If you have a metal charging cable, your worries are not yours anymore. Leave it to our tough Freedom Charger that will charge your device in the minimum time and without any lags.

The steel cable comes with a number of surprises. It is a metal cord with a reversible jack that can charge all your Android as well as iOS devices with the same cable. You don’t need a separate cable to charge your iPhone now because Freedom Charger is a universal charger. The charging head of the cable has an Apple logo on one side and an Android logo on the other side. The presence of both the logos obviously hints that this steel charging cord can serve all your purposes.

Not only that, the Freedom Charger can also charge hundreds of other devices. You can charge your tablet, iPad, iPod, GoPro cameras, gaming controllers and many other devices. Apart from these, you can also plug in Micro USB devices to this tough steel cable. The versatile charger is also compatible with Apple lightning connector.

The Freedom Charger comes in different sizes according to your suitability. You can have steel cords with 3’, 4’, 5’ and 6.5’ lengths. Apart from that, you can also make a choice of color for your metal cable. There are a number of options available for colors and you can order the one you want.

So, if you want to say goodbye to your charging troubles, Freedom Charger is just the right thing for you. Place an online order by filling in the required options. You can also avail special saving offers for different set of quantities. Register yourself online for a lifetime warranty. So, don’t wait any further and place your orders here.