Benefits of Steel Charging Cords

Benefits of Steel Charging Cords

Benefits of Steel Charging Cords


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Do you ever wonder if there is a solution to your smartphone’s charging cords issues? There is a solution to every problem. If you face trouble every now and then with your charging cord, it is not your smartphone’s problem; it is, in fact, all about the choice of cable that you make. It often happens to iPhone users that they put their phone to charge and it does not simply connect. The reason behind it is the wrong type of charging cord.

Why spend your money over buying cables that are not reliable? We have a solution to your problem. Your device needs a steel iPhone cable to charge flawlessly and we have the perfect one waiting for you. The Freedom Charger will put things to ease and save your precious time. Using the Freedom Charger, your iPhone will charge to 100% without the possibility of voltage issues. The charging cord that we offer is made of stainless steel and its charging jack is made of Zinc alloy. This ultimate combination makes the cord tough and flexible at the same time. So, if you cannot take good care of your charging cables, the Freedom Charger is just the right thing for you.

The Freedom Charging Cords is your Solution.

Freedom Charger cables are designed quite wisely. The cable has an Apple logo on one side of the jack and an Android logo on the other. As the concept hints, users can charge their devices even if they have an Android port or iPhone’s. Whether you have an iPad, iPod, GoPro cameras, game controllers and other hundreds of devices you can use the Freedom charger  without any worries. You can also charge micro USB devices with it. This tough steel charging cords has a reversible head that fits perfectly to every device including Apple lightning connector.

The purpose of Freedom Charger is to take users out of the problems they face in charging their devices. It is quite a task to find a reliable charging cord that not only works fine with your adopter but is efficient also. Usually, Plastic-coated cables lose their efficiency over few bends. We come across situations when we buy a new cable and after a few days the same cable does not work with your phone. To avoid this unnecessary waste of money, choose the multi-purpose steel cable.

Furthermore, you can also choose the size of cable according to your need. We have steel charging cords of 3’, 4’, 5’ and 6.5’ length. You can also choose the color for your cord from several options available. Our charging cord is the only cable that is tough, flexible and charges hundreds of smart devices. You can easily place an online order for your steel cable right here.

You can also avail Special Coupon Discount or by the quantity of steel cords to be ordered. Get a lifetime warranty on registering yourself. So, don’t lose your time and order it right now.

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