Have a lot to store in your Fridge? Here’s what you need!

Have a lot to store in your Fridge? Here’s what you need!

Have a lot to store in your Fridge? Here’s what you need!


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Fridge is the most important household appliance in every kitchen. You make a dessert; you put it in the Fridge. You have some food leftover after dinner; you store it in your Fridge. Even if you bring fruits and vegetables on your way back home, you put them nowhere else but your Fridge. So, what do you do when you run out of space in your refrigerator? That’s when most of the women catch a frown worrying where to store more food. Well, if that’s your point of concern too, then we have a productive solution for all your food storage needs.

Zip n Store, Cold n Store Fridge Pullout Unit is a smart solution for all food storage concerns. This smart pullout unit allows you to store eatables into small bags and organize them into your Fridge. It helps you save much space which you fail to save using bowls and dishes to store food. So, how does it really work? The Cold n Store Pullout Unit can easily be mounted under the shelves of refrigerator. You can simply store different items in the bags and zip them up to hang beneath the pullout tray. In this way, you can not only save space in your Fridge but you can also store food items in a well-organized manner.

Details and Dimensions

The Zip n Store, Cold n Store Fridge Pullout Unit is quite productive. There are 19 slots in the pullout unit to carry storage bags full of different items. You can carry any type of food or products in their bags in the slide out tray. The pullout unit makes sure that the storage bags do not mess up with each other or any other stuff in the refrigerator.

In order to make a fruitful use out of the Cold n Store unit, you should make sure that the depth in your refrigerator is 16.80 in 42.70 cm. It is important to know that the width of the storage unit is 6.84 in 17.39 cm which does not include storage bags. However, the storage bags are of two types that can be carried underneath the pullout unit. If you need to use quart storage bags then the shelf space required for that is 9.75 in 24.76 cm. On the other hand, if your requirement is to use gallon storage bags, then you need the shelf space of 13.75 in 34.92 cm.

Zip n Store, Cold n Store Fridge Pullout Unit can bring a lot of ease to everyday life. Women can say goodbye to half of their kitchen worries by acquiring this ultimate product. They do not have to buy a whole another refrigeration unit for their excessive storage needs as this pullout unit can make their Fridge more than what they paid for in the first place.

So, what are you waiting for? Order it right now and bring a revolutionary addition to your kitchen.

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