The C Cord by Cords of Steel 6 ft

By George Henthorn

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The C cord is a new 24 pin connector that certain newer phones require. You place an adapter on our 2 in 1 tip and make it a 3 in 1 tip. Our cord will charge iPhone/lightning and micro usb/android as it comes. When you put the adapter on it will charge C ports as well. We also sell a stand alone C cord as well.

About The C Cord by Cords of Steel 6 ft

Inventor : George Henthorn

My name is Cliff and that's why I designed The Freedom Charger! The Toughest, Smartest, Most Versatile Charging Cord on the Market!

Like most people I just got fed up with charging cords that frayed or were easily damaged! I also grew tired of going to a friend's house and all he had was a cord that charges Android and I have an iPhone! The Freedom charger will set you free!

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