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Mossy Oak Pants

By Phil Ellis


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  • Extremely thin, wind and water proof insulation
  • 2-way side zippers
  • 2 front zipper compartments
  • 2 rear zipper compartments
  • 2 VELCO ® Brand straps on each pantleg along the bottom
  • Rings in front belt loops
  • Soft moleskin finish
Shiver Shield is THE leader in lightweight, thin, and extremely warm outdoor gear. Our clothing and accessories use a proprietary, high-tech insulation which keeps you warm even

What our customers are saying

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About Mossy Oak Pants

Inventor : Phil Ellis

Shiver Shield specializes in Extreme Cold Weather Gear. In business for about a decade, we are always striving to make the highest quality products to keep you warmer and more comfortable than any other outfitters on the planet. Our clothing will withstand the most extreme temperatures on earth without sacrificing comfort. Hence, our tagline: Conquer the Cold in Comfort. Whether you're sitting in a stadium, in a tree stand or just walking your dog, we've got the perfect gear to keep you warm!

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