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National Park Smarts For Kids Activity Books

By Dodie Long

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The Park Smarts For Kids series is designed for ages 4 and up to provide fun and educational activity specific to each Park. Adults love this series, too! Packed with interactive and interpretive puzzles and coloring pages, every Park Smarts For Kids is designed to engage and educate our children about our National Parks and Monuments. Color pictures, solve puzzles, and connect the dots. Search and find objects that you may see at the different parks.

What our customers are saying

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About National Park Smarts For Kids Activity Books

Inventor : Dodie Long

Dodie Long has more than 25 years of leadership in sales, marketing, and operations management. She has held several top positions during her career building successful business relationships and sales of products. Dodie’s marketing techniques and unique salesmanship qualities have gained past opportunities among large corporations such as GE, SEARS, Amway, Black & Decker, and more.

Most recently, Dodie was the CEO of a publishing company that published and distributed interpretive text books on America’s National Parks. While several years in this position Dodie established great respect among key people within the National Park’s network of buyers and other personnel.

As the founder and co-creator of Park Smarts for Kids, Dodie continues to use her experience in sales, marketing and operations management to ensure the success of the company through the unique creation and distribution of children’s educational products.

Dodie has earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting and graduated with honors.

Additional Bio Information:

Park Smarts for Kids publishes a series of educational activity books covering America’s National Parks. The books are designed for children 4-years-old and up. The books are each site-specific to individual parks. Currently, there are 22 published titles and ultimately Park Smarts for Kids will include 120 different parks and monuments. The books are designed to teach important facts on the parks and the content reinforces knowledge acquisition through repetition in puzzles, games and artwork. The books are created to encourage and promote educational interaction between adults and children. Site-specific board games are in development and shortly there will be a crowdfunding campaign launched to support game development and early production and marketing. kulaBrands is leading the crowdfunding campaign.

Park Smarts for Kids was created by Dodie Long after spending 6 years as the CEO of a 50-year-old publishing company, which published text books on America’s national parks and monuments where she developed extensive networking with national park and monument personnel. She has more than 25 years’ experience in managing and, later, owning companies. She has extensive sales, marketing and operations experience, and has earned a bachelor degree in accounting. She serves multiple accounting clients, including kulaBrands, in Phoenix and elsewhere. She creates all the art in the books, while her husband, Ron Long, creates the educational content of the books, including puzzles and subject matter.

Ron Long’s background includes earning bachelor degrees in Journalism, Marketing and Public Relations. He owned a Marketing Communications company in San Francisco and served clients such as Pendleton Woolen Mills, Qantas Air, Duraflame and many others. He spent years as a writer, news reporter and editor of newspapers, magazines and broadcasting. He has invented multiple water and food purification devices and has been awarded five patents by the US Patent Office. He founded, owned and operated a substantial manufacturing company in Northern California.

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