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Net Effects Sydney (Limited Inventory)

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*Limited Colors and Styles - Ships within USA Only* The Sydney by Net Effects ~ Read more


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*Limited Colors and Styles - Ships within USA Only*

The Sydney by Net Effects ~ Small. Light weight easy to carry over the shoulder Messenger Bag. Designed for Notebooks, iPads and tablets. Space for wallet, keys and essentials.


  • Great for ladies or guys
  • Eco-friendly, zero waste repurposed netting. Water & stain resistant & durable
  • Fair Trade providing training and jobs for disenfranchised Cambodians

What our customers are saying

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8 Aug 2019  by Venture Works Inc.

I love these bags. The many vibrant colors add to the different varieties of bags to choose from. The Sydney is just one of my favorites as it is perfect size for a purse and holds so much. The fact they are made in a responsible fashion way is the icing on the cake.

27 Jan 2019  by Margaret Penie

These amazing #EasyBreezy bags are made by hard working mothers in Cambodia. By doing this they are able to support their families. A big Thankyou to Ardice Farrow and #Net Effects for being a great blessing to these women. God bless you!

5 Oct 2017  by Anonymous

Net Effects Traders Update with Ardice Farrow. Net Effects has been chosen as one of 6 to present at "She Tank" in LA! Will be featured on a radio show! Added a 'Net Set' of 3 zippered bags, plus made some changes to current bags to add a wristlet strap, etc. Great things going on at Net Effects!

28 Sep 2017  by Louis Ballewn

These gorgeous #EasyBreezy bags are made by disenfranchised Cambodian women, who found it difficult to find work. Ardice Farrow created Net Effects Traders to help these women with good jobs.You get a gorgeous bag, they come in many shapes ,sizes and colors. Helping others to help themselves.

27 Sep 2017  by Lisa Moran

I have been waiting for this turquoise tote since I saw it in May. Wow, it was worth the wait. I'm in LOVE! The black Terra Tote and Moxie will be my day-to-day items and the turquoise Terra Tote is my beach tote. Thank you so much, Ardice Farrow & Net Effects Traders, what an amazing product line! Not only are you bringing beautiful products to people, but you're changing the lives of so many women in Cambodia.

25 Sep 2017  by Joseph Mina

These amazing bag is made by hand of recycled netting and its eco-friendly and very cute too! Made with love by women in Cambodia who have been given hope through trade not aid.

Ardice Farrow-is the Founder of Net Effects Traders and here is a little bit about her story. At the age of 60 something I retired on purpose with the dream of serving women around the world. I had the great good fortune to go to Cambodia (which I fell in love with) to work for a non-profit organization in the capital city.

I worked for over 2 years in some of the most destitute areas of the city where hundreds of families lived on the edge of the old city dump in makeshift structures with no amenities, struggling to survive.

I got to know moms who spent the nights scavenging the streets to collect bottles and cans to recycle to make a few cents to buy food. I got to know children who did not go to school but like their mother'-s scavenged day and night to help bring in a few dollars to help feed their brothers and sisters.

During my time with non-profits I also worked with women who had fair wage jobs and I saw the freedom it gave them. Not only did they have financial freedom, they had self-confidence, pride of workmanship and the joy of knowing they could make positive choices for their children and community.

For all the good that non-profits do, I learned one thing for myself: If I wanted to have a positive and lasting impact on these women and families and give them the tools to escape generational poverty, I needed to help provide training, fair wage jobs and great working conditions.

And so - Net Effects Traders was born.

To accomplish our dream, Net Effects Traders partnered with a most extra-ordinary team in Cambodia who has been training hearing impaired, polio and landmine survivors and disenfranchised mothers and providing them with fair wage jobs and great working conditions for over a decade. In addition, they use repurposed industrial netting for the bags and totes contributing to zero waste.

It is our dream to bring fabulous, "must have", eco-friendly fashionable and durable bags to international consumers.

And to have all our customers and fans share in the joy and fun of making a difference.
In addition, Net Effects donates a portion of every sale to "Nothing But Nets", an international organization providing mosquito nets to families in need.

Net Effects Traders is building an international team of high-energy entrepreneurial women and men and conscious consumers who share a vision to bring fun, fabulously designed, carefully crafted, eco-conscious messenger bags, travel bags and totes to savvy shoppers and international markets while making a difference in the world.

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