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NstaJam Bulk Power Bank Show 6-Pack $191

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*Ships Within USA Only*

BULK listing: NstaJam Power Bank Show Pack

  • 6 Power Banks for $191 (includes shipping).

The portable power bank that powers it all.

NstaJam Power applies 2 built-in charging cables, one cable with Type-C connector, another with Micro & Lightning 2 in 1 connector, plus 2 USB A outputs and one QI wireless charging area.  Meanwhile, it is

Equipped with 3 ways of inputs:  Micro, Lightening and Type-C.  This Unit is built with the Highest-Quality component’s 90% are made in Japan & Germany.

Equipped with long lasting Lithium Polymer Battery.


  • 100% Output Connection Compatibility: Integrated Lightening & Micro 2 in 1 connector and Type C connector USB cable, supports charging for smart phones, tablets and other digital 5V devices that with any USB connector.
  • 100% Input Compatibility: It has 3 ways of inputs (Micro, Lightning and Type-C) That makes this Powerbank Unit compatible with ALL the USB charging cables on the market.
  • Compact Size & Ultra Slim Design: 5.79 inches tall, 2.95 inches wide, 0.57 inches thick and weighs 7.6 ounces makes it perfectly portable power to have “On-The-Go” Anywhere, Anytime.
  • Supports QI Wireless Charging
  • Supports Pass-Through Charging
  • Built-in Self Storing Cables always at your fingertips
  • Quick Charging Time for both Powerbank Unit & ALL your devices
  • 4 White Indicator Lights: each of them stands for 25% of the power. 1 Green Indicator Light is Wireless charging standby indicator.
  • On/Off Button or Automatically turn off in approx. 30 seconds
  • Impact Resistant Easy Clean Covering for durability and convenience

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