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The Process To Be Beyond Color Coloring Book

By Scott Bland

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Beyond Color is an adult coloring book compiled with 68 TRUTH-BASED quotes/designs found throughout the seven-module mindset training, "The Process To Be."

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About The Process To Be Beyond Color Coloring Book

Scott Bland

Scott is a trainer, singer, teacher, speaker, and professional licensed coach. Being a lifelong philosopher and student, Scott continually takes what he has learned and applies it to supporting individuals in creating a life that they grow to appreciate AND love.

Scott's passion is infectious. From the very first word spoken, he connects with his listeners and takes them on a journey of self-discovery. His words are revealing, penetrating, and deeply personal. Scott speaks with everything inside of him. He loves people and believes he has a responsibility to use the gifts given to encourage people, allowing them to encounter something greater than they are currently excepting.

He has been honored to visit all, but four, states across the U.S. and has taken several international tours to Sweden, Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico, and the Bahamas.

Scott's message will leave a lasting impression and will continue to benefit his audience long after they've heard his words. He can connect with his audience in a way that empowers them to face the challenges and change in their own lives with renewed confidence and a determination to succeed.

"I believe the thing that makes people resonate with any type of spoken word is the human element behind it, the unspoken conversation that happens between the listener and the speaker," Scott describes.

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