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Peacemaker Bundle by GunBaiL

By Trevor Brooks

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Stop the Tears City Wide This perk includes a beautifully crafted GunBaiL Limited Edition Silver Bracelet with a slice of the gun barrel from a confiscated illegal gun, a GunBaiL T-shirt, and a GunBaiL hat for you to enjoy and represent your support of this real solution to Stop Gun Violence. Items included:
  • GunBail Ltd. Edition Bracelet
  • GunBail T-shirt
  • GunBail hat

What our customers are saying

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About Peacemaker Bundle by GunBaiL

Trevor Brooks

Gun violence is personal for us. Our founder, Trevor Brooks, knows first hand from growing up in inner-city Baltimore how gun violence affects families. Reducing gun violence isn't just a passion project for Trevor, it's a life long mission.

GunBaiL was launched with a simple mission: To get illegal guns off the streets and save more lives. Over 95% of gun homicides are committed with illegal guns. Our solution will have the largest impact on gun violence by encouraging offenders to turn in guns.

GunBaiL: A Movement to Stop the Tears

GunBaiL is led by entrepreneur, Trevor Brooks, whose experiences with gun violence growing up in Baltimore led him to create a new solution to lessen the impact of illegal guns on urban communities. He’s supported by former Priceline co-founder, Jeff Hoffman and former NFL star, Ray Lewis.

GunBaiL was launched with a simple concept: Since most of the gun homicides in our cities are committed using illegally obtained guns, reducing the availability of those guns will help stem the tide of violence.

To help make this happen, we are developing an innovative platform that allows non-violent offenders to surrender their illegal guns in exchange for bail release.

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