RP - Krown Robes - Large Blue

By Kelly Brown

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Large Blue Krown Robes is the only robe with a built-in hair turban. The robe is light weight, 100% cotton waffle material, breathable but still absorbent. It is machine washable that gets softer with every wash.  

About RP - Krown Robes - Large Blue

Inventor : Kelly Brown

Kelly Brown may be from a small town, but she's lived a large life. In addition to her success as a small business owner, Kelly has excelled as an inventor, photographer, Zumba instructor, permanent makeup artist, and author.

Kelly The Inventor~In 1995, Kelly was working as a nail technician and encountered the daily challenge of preserving her own manicures while working with the manicure-unfriendly chemicals involved in removing old nail polish from her clients' nails. In response, Kelly invented a device -- The Manicure Saver -- which allows nail techs to protect their own nails while working on others'. Kelly secured her first patent on her invention in 1997 and licensed it to be in Sally's Beauty Supply where it was sold for 7 years.

Kelly On Dr. Phil~In 2009, Kelly was invited by the Dr. Phil Show to participate in the "Get Real" retreat, where she joined other men and women struggling with loss and emotional trauma. Kelly's experiences and the time she shared with others trying to cope with and overcome loss left a permanent impression on her and was a driving force behind her decision to write and compile the book "Letters from The Heart".

Kelly the Author~In 2009, Kelly compiled the book 'Letters from the Heart'. After the sudden, tragic death of her father, Kelly has learned that writing can be a form of therapy for dealing with life’s ups and downs. This book features both her own thoughts and those of others who shared their feelings with her.

Zumba Kelly~As the Zumba craze was sweeping the nation, Kelly was among the first in her community to get on board with the popular exercise/dance phenomenon. In 2011, she became a certified instructor, teaching classes locally and attending conferences all over the country. The experiences and travels introduced her to people and cultures she never would have met, while also converting Kelly into an advocate for personal fitness and wellness.

Kelly On Camera~In 2012, Kelly appeared on a local talk show to talk about her life in general and her struggles with her father's suicide in particular.

In April 2018, Kelly was featured on the news in Sunny San Diego (CBS News 8 Morning Extra) for her latest invention "The Hair Robe" and received positive feedback from everyone.

In June of 2018, Kelly met with Dr. Susan Stafford, an American former model, actress, the original host of Wheel of Fortune and Public Speaker and will be adding Public Speaking to her resume.

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