SKHRP - Right Angle (iOS) OR C-Cord (Android) by Cords of Steel

By George Henthorn

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The Toughest, Smartest most Versatile charging cord ever made! Charge iPhone, Android, and any Micro USB Device on one single Charging head! The Worlds first all-metal Charging Cable for both Android and iPhone! Flexible Stainless Steel Cord, Zink Alloy Housings! Charge all your devices on one cord with no parts to change and no parts to lose! The World's First Flexible Steel Charging Cord with a single head that works with both APPLE and ANDROID plus 100'-s more Micro USB devices:

About SKHRP - Right Angle (iOS) OR C-Cord (Android) by Cords of Steel

Inventor : George Henthorn

My name is Cliff and that's why I designed The Freedom Charger! The Toughest, Smartest, Most Versatile Charging Cord on the Market!

Like most people I just got fed up with charging cords that frayed or were easily damaged! I also grew tired of going to a friend's house and all he had was a cord that charges Android and I have an iPhone! The Freedom charger will set you free!

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