SKHRP - The Entrepreneur Game

By Elliott Eddie

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The Entrepreneur Game is a fun, educational and interactive game the whole family can enjoy! You are C.E.O of your own home-based or brick & mortar business. Your objective is to grow your business into an empire through marketing, branding, investing and negotiating deals- all while avoiding bankruptcy! Become a millionaire and you are crowned "mogul of the game". It is for children (and adults) ages 12 & up.  

About SKHRP - The Entrepreneur Game

Inventor : Elliott Eddie

Elliott Eddie is Chairman/CEO of DM Media, Inc., published author, worldwide distributed independent filmmaker and a two-time Internationally Awarded Public Speaker. As an entrepreneur, Elliott has built a company which boasts six small businesses, all of which operate in the black.

As an International Speaker, Elliott has touched the hearts of audiences around the world. Elliott is a recent recipient of the Outstanding Keynote Speaker Award from Urban Financial Services Coalition during a keynote speech at the Richmond Federal Reserve. Elliott also won the distinction of ‘Finalist’ at the 2016 Toastmasters International World Championship of Public Speaking, making Elliott one of the top 10 speakers in the world.

Currently, Elliott is a proud member of Kulabrands as well as the inventor of The Entrepreneur Game by EESpeaks; a fun, educational & interactive game the entire family can play! You are C.E.O of your own home based or brick & mortar business and your objective is to build your business, grow your income/assets...all while avoiding bankruptcy!

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