Vibe Bottle 15 oz Coffee Mug 4-Pack

By Zo Peacemaker

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SACRED GEOMETRY AND EMPOWERING WORDS ON 15 OZ. CERAMIC MUG SET OF 4Finally a home version of our popular bottles - Mugs!The Flower of Life combined with the Metatron's cube, Zo Peacemaker created the "Alignment" design to illustrate the clear connection and balance between the two.FEATURES· Utah Local & Family Owned· Created by Reiki Practitioners· One Time Replacement Warranty · Based on Masaru Emoto's "Messages In Water"BENEFITS· Imprint positive word

About Vibe Bottle 15 oz Coffee Mug 4-Pack

Zo Peacemaker

At (((VIBE BOTTLE))) we stand by the quality of our products, which is why offer a one-time replacement warranty with every bottle we sell :)

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