Vibe Bottle 64 oz Jug

By Zo Peacemaker

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Every Vibe Bottle comes with our signature iridescent holographic Vibe Bottle metal tag on the outside of the bottle to assure it is the genuine article. There are a lot of bottles out there, but only one "Vibe Bottle" :) SACRED GEOMETRY GLASS WATER JUG 64 OZ. BY ((( VIBE BOTTLE ))) An elegant edition to the Vibe Bottle family is our large carrying bottle the 64 oz.
  • Many of our customers have an increase in their desire to drink more water with a Vibe Bottle.
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About Vibe Bottle 64 oz Jug

Zo Peacemaker

At (((VIBE BOTTLE))) we stand by the quality of our products, which is why offer a one-time replacement warranty with every bottle we sell :)

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