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Yahooty Who?™️ Sock Puppet “Fluff”

By Jen Oloo

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Bring home your very own super fluffy and fun “Fluff” sock puppet, made especially by Yahooty himself! Fluff is featured in “Yahooty Who?: An Illustrated Participa-Story” and is a faithful sidekick of our green-haired helpful friend, Yahooty! His favorite thing is SURPRISES and he adores eating popcorn! One size brings endless antics to children and adults alike. Each sock puppet has been designed to look exactly like the book illustrations, taking special care with custom p


What our customers are saying

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About Yahooty Who?™️ Sock Puppet “Fluff”

Inventor : Jen Oloo

Jen Oloo, Farhang 'Ray' Hodjat, and Mike Rodriguez developed the Yahooty character and wrote an introductory story for the children in their lives in 2014.

"As creative marketing people, we may have gone a bit overboard with a simple side project, but we wanted to create something for our kids that helped them to know they were never alone in what might otherwise be a big scary world. Our kids have come to count on their Yahooty to be close by and ready to lend a hand, even though a Yahooty is rarely seen. We couldn't be more pleased that Yahooty is helping to shape our children's values and we are excited to share it with the world."

Jen, Ray, and Mike are professionals in the creative and marketing worlds and have impeccable reputations for their work, ethics, and follow-through. They've produced content, merchandise, and marketing for top Fortune 500 companies and treat this project no differently.

Jen Oloo has worked as an executive in marketing and advertising for almost 20 years, holds an MBA from the Rochester Institute of Technology, and co-owns an architectural Virtual Reality firm in Los Angeles. She brings not only the history of Yahooty to the team, but also vast expertise in business management, procurement, and marketing.

Mike Rodriguez and Farhang "Ray" Hodjat co-own the creative advertising firm, Vicinity, in Los Angeles. Ray holds a Bachelor's of Fine Arts from American Intercontinental University and Mike holds a BFA from the Art Institute of Los Angeles. Mike and Ray are responsible for the creative direction and branding of "Yahooty Who?" products and stories. Their impeccable taste makes Yahooty the attractive, fun, and consistent character you see today.

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