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Zip n Store – Cold n Store – Fridge Pullout Unit

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  • Organizes quart and gallon storage bags in your refrigerator
  • Has, 19 Slots for holding assorted storage bags
  • Holds pre-packaged food items in bags with zipper tops
  • Easily mounts/unmounts to glass shelving in your refrigerator
  • Mounts also in cabinets and workshops for organizing



Product Description

Zip n Store – Cold n Store – Fridge Pullout Unit

The Zip n Store, Cold n Store Fridge Pullout Unit is a revolutionary product that organizes storage bags in your refrigerator. The Cold n Store can be mounted underneath your fridge shelf with industrial strength adhesive. 19 slots are available to hold plastic storage bags of all brands and types of food products. Using a full-extension slide out track, the Cold n Store allows you convenient organization, while giving you ease of access to leftovers or stored foods. • Depth needed in refrigerator:16.80 in 42.70 cm • Width of Zip n Store not including storage bag: 6.84 in 17.39 cm • Shelf space for using quart storage bags: 9.75 in 24.76 cm • Shelf space for using gallon storage bags: 13.75 in 34.92 cm

Additional Information

Weight 3.2 lbs


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