Nonprofit housing development organization is partnering with GunBaiL

The Rev. Dwight Williams announced that his nonprofit housing development organization is partnering with GunBaiL.
Williams’ New Genesis Housing Development Corporation is spearheading the efforts to bring GunBaiL to Stockton. According to a press release, Williams is planning to meet with officials from Stockton and San Joaquin County to discuss the benefits of GunBaiL.

GunBaiL legislature

Presented GunBaiL legislature with Ray Lewis to Maryland General assembly & State Senate of Maryland

Capital Investment

Capital Investment from Harbor Bank of Maryland/Community Development Corporation

Capital Investment from the Abell Foundation of Maryland

Presented GunBaiL with Ray Lewis to Maryland States Attorney Office

GunBail Foundation

Recognized by the White House Reentry & Entrepreneurship committee and the Kellogg Foundation

Ray Lewis joined GunBaiL as a supporter, ambassador, advisor & investor

Jeff Hoffman joined GunBaiL as committed investor and advisor

Inducted into Baltimore 1000 initiative as anchor company