Professional Mindset Transformational Life Coach

With the ebbs and flows of jobs, a divorce, and not sensing a clear direction as to what he was to move forward in, Scott decided to step out and start an innovative coaching service called, Concepts That Work, LLC, shifting focus from what is wrong to what is possible. From this point on, Scott has been self employed as a professional Mindset Transformational Life Coach.

Certification in Life Coaching!

Scott was introduced to Life Coaching. Scott started to dive into the process of thought and the power of self-talk. During the course of this year, his life drastically changed. By 2011, Scott had gained his certification in Life Coaching.

Battled Depression

Scott had to get off the road traveling due to a loss of his speaking/singing voice. Scott battled depression due to merely existing in a world of virtual silence not being able to BE the person who he knew he was purposed to be.

Educational Career

1994 – 1998:

In 1994 Scott graduated from Southeastern University in Lakeland, FL with a double degree in Education and Theology. Upon graduation, Scott traveled the world for several years, singing and speaking to individuals and groups worldwide.

Childhood Life

Scott grew up in Findlay, Ohio. For many years he lived with a speech impediment and suffered much ridicule, rejection and prejudice.