Started Our Third Donation Campaign For The Affected Families in Texas

As we’ve announced from our last update, we started our third donation campaign for the affected families in Texas. We’re happy to announce that we’ve successfully collected funds as well as purchases for donation from our Indiegogo backers and friends. The campaign ended on Sept. 21st and  we’ve shipped a total of  200 units of which, 36 units came from the EZ-On BaBeez team and the majority came from over a hundred individual backers and supporters through our Indiegogo campaign!

The packages will arrive in Texas next week and will be hand delivered to the affected families by a church organization selected by our avid supporters, Mr. Henry Tucker of Waco, Texas and many other Texan friends who urged us to do this donation in an effort to make a difference in the world. It is through your generous support that we’re able to foster our mission of helping communities, especially families with children in need of help and kindness.

With grateful hearts,
Julieta & the EZ-On BaBeez team