Raised $152,710 with 1,584 Backers

Successfully raised $152,710 with 1,584 backers! We are now far along in the process of manufacturing the molds and everything is on track for a December delivery of your Zip n Store sets. We are working our way through all the details and have included some pictures of the molds being manufactured.

The Molds Are Complete!

Custom molds are complete!These are many of the injection molded parts that come out of the molds when they test them to make sure the parts are as perfect as possible. On several of the molds they have had to make minor changes to accommodate the mold ejection process so that the parts eject from the machine smoothly.

Each mold is operated repeatedly to ensure efficient operation and to make sure each molded part meets the quality that we are expecting.

Deal with King-Pac in Thailand

Zip n Store signs multi-million dollar distribution deal with King-Pac in Thailand! We are at the King Pac manufacturing facility in Thailand where I signed a 5 year exclusive distribution deal for Zip n Store. I don't believe it would have been possible to find a better company to partner with, they are truly amazing and outstanding people as well as an amazing company.

Jeff Hoffman was here during the signing as a host of Race for the Top, a new entrepreneurial TV show that looks at the crowdfunding process.

This picture was taken at the King Pac manufacturing facility. Left to right… Mr. PJ – Vice President King Pac, Ms. Nina – King Pac, Jeff Hoffman co-founder of Priceline (taking the selfie), me, Mr. Jeff – King Pac, Peter – kulabrands and Mr. William – King Pac. This was truly the most incredible day as an entrepreneur!!

Zip n Store Launches on Kickstarter!

Zip n Store launches on Kickstarter! Zip n Store is the storage solution that utilizes the hidden power of storage bags. Not only are storage bags light, easy to store, and convenient, they also preserve food much longer than any air-filled tupperware containers.

Zip n Store takes the convenience and usability of storage bags to create a storage solution that will end your days of having to dig around your cupboard looking for the lid of that plastic container – or save the misery of finding your leftover tuna…three months too late.

The Zip N Store campaign has gone way past its goal and raised over $63,000!

20 Million Viewers

You helped us join the “One Percenters Club” and we’re on our way to pass the 150K mark shortly! Did you know that only 1% of all kickstarter projects have ever reached funding over $100,000? And only 3% of successfully funded projects have gone over $100,000.

One of the most amazing things that has happened with Zip n Store has been the interest, likes, shares and with views of over 20 million times of our videos in various forms and lengths on Facebook. I want to thank our backers again for helping support this project and making it a success!