It All Began When…

When a child gets a booboo, it captures their attention and they focus not only on the discomfort but the fact that they have an injury. This often makes even the application of a bandage difficult. So we set out to create a bandage that was not only visually friendly, but also had other reassuring and comforting qualities that took it beyond just another cute character bandage.  

Every kid with a new BooBoo needs a "hug," so what better way to start than with such a reassuring message. So we set out to create a visual presentation that was warm and open, ultimately crafting friendly animal characters whose welcoming arms were outstretched, ready to give comfort and reassurance. 

That was great, but we also wanted it to have a physical benefit. So we also added small amounts of extra padding to the adhesive strip “arms” of the Hug-a-Booboo characters to give extra protection to the surrounding areas of the wound. This patent-pending feature, called "Peripheral Wound Area Protection" (PWAP), addresses the fact that typically, areas around a wound are often just as sensitive as the wound itself and are very susceptible to discomfort when bumped, brushed up against, etc, just as much as the wounds themselves. Gentle padded arms, that hug, comfort and cushion the entire wound area, giving the child a sense that their whole BooBoo area is better protected. 

The result is the BEST children’s bandage ever!